Crestliner 1546 Retriever Jon ($6,510)

2018 Crestliner 1546 Retriever Jon - YouTube

The Crestliner 1546 is a 15-foot Mid V with space for four people to get comfortable with plenty of room for their fishing or hunting gear. There is a platform for casting or to help with visibility if you’re hunting.

The wide, flat hull provides a stable base for this boat since Crestliner knew that they’re customers do a lot of fast and hard movements, whether they’re shooting at ducks or casting a fly-fishing line.

It is constructed from high-grade aluminum which makes it both low-maintenance and also incredibly durable. Crestliner is known for it’s strength and the 1546 Retriever is no exception. The 1546 Retriever is built to get to those tricky fishing spots.

The Lock Track Gunnel System lets you mount the accessories you want, to make your expedition relaxing, fun, and successful. It is a solid boat with not a lot of fancy bells or whistles. But the low price point gives your budget the wiggle room it needs to buy the accessories that you’ve been dying for.

It sits at just over 15’ and has a dry weight of 290 lbs (without the engine).


Owning a small boat can be great. There are plenty of advantages of owning a medium to small-sized boat:

  • Cheaper rack fees for storage
  • The option of storing it on your property
  • Smaller boat = smaller trailer = smaller vehicle needed for transport
  • Much more affordable than a larger boat
  • Easier to clean

However, there are also specific problems that come with owning a smaller boat, including:

  • Small craft warnings – when you’re in a smaller boat out on the rough water, you’ll end up running into much more trouble than larger boats.
  • Small deck space – when you need or want some crewman with you on a small boat, there’s more of a chance that there will be an accident because there isn’t much room to work with.
  • On a bigger boat, you’ll have more room for emergency equipment. On a small boat, there should be plenty of room for the necessities when it comes to emergency gear. The chances that you’ll need power anchor windlasses, dinghy lifts, bow thrusters, and stabilizers aren’t as big when you’re in your small vessel (in calm waters). However, it’s convenient to have the bigger emergency equipment if something does happen.

Final Thoughts:

When you decide to buy a new boat, it can be like buying a car. It’s exciting, nerve-wracking, and it can also be expensive. But it doesn’t have to be.

Make a list of the amenities you want, as well as a list of prices:

  • What are you going to use your boat for? Which amenities do you need for those activities?
  • What is the highest price you will go (including all of the extra fees and taxes)?
  • How much do you have for annual fees? Insurance, slip or rack rental, etc.
  • What is your ideal (realistic) price for the boat itself (including engine and trailer)?

If you want to look into used boats out of here, make sure you set aside a little money for a marine specialist. This person can look at the boat to make sure it is sound and seaworthy. Not to worry, At Omega water marine, our specialists do all the necessary inspections to make sure you get just the best delivered to you even at the comfort of your home.

Often, just the peace of mind is worth the price.

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