2020 Dufour 530 Grand Large For Sale.


2020 Dufour 530 Grand Large For Sale.

When the legendary Dufour Performance and Grand Large ranges come together. The latest fusion of two worlds has created a sailboat with incomparable characteristics.

The Dufour 530 is a vibrant reflection of our vast know-how. Developed on the architectural basis of the Performance range, its authentic racing hull was designed with enthusiasm in mind. Comfort is key when cruising, so we have combined the main Grand Large features with an open, safe and fully equipped deck.

And finally, breathtaking innovations. Three completely distinct maneuvering schemes, a cockpit with completely new features, a revolutionary bimini concept and a wonderful aesthetic.

A spacious and elegant sailboat finished down to the smallest detail. The greatest distinction.

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Architect: Felci Yacht Design
Year prog. : 2020
Hull: Fiberglass / contact
Deck construction: infusion / Injection

Technical specifications

Length F.T.16.35 m
Length to gall. 14.97 m
Hull length 15.50 m
Max Width 4.99 m
Weight 17774 kg
Draft 2.30 m / 1.95 m / 2.80 m
Keel weight 4700 kg / 4800 kg / 4600 kg
440L diesel tank
680 L water tank
Motor power 75 hp (opt. 110 hp)
Sail area 119 m² (main + jib)
Mainsail 60 m²
Genoa 59 m²



  • 2020 Dufour 530 Grand Large For Sale.

    • The 530 ‘Easy’ model, as the name suggests, is the most simplified version, perfectly set up for owners wanting simple and straight forwards cruising. With a clean, uncluttered cabin roof layout, and control of all the lines which are led directly back to the helm, she will certainly be ‘easy’ to handle.


    • The 530 ‘Ocean’ model is specifically for owners seeking a traditional deck layout. The halyards are led to the aft cockpit / helm position, along with two additional winches for genoa and mainsheet control. A noticeably wide, full-width mainsheet traveler is positioned on the coach roof for enhanced mainsail trimming.


    • The 530 ‘Performance’ model is an evolution of the much loved Performance Range. Aimed at owners wishing to race competitively, as well as maximise their cruising experience. The 530 Performance features an upgraded mast and boom package, an increased sail area of ​​20m2, additional winches, a 2.80m lead keel, plus a fully upgraded hydraulic package to safely control the increased loads.

2020 Dufour 530 Grand Large For Sale.

  • Architect Felci Yacht Design
  • Year2020
  • Overall length16.35 m
  • Waterline length14.97 m
  • Hull length15.50 m
  • Max beam4.99 m
  • Light displacement17774 kg
  • Draft2.30/1.95/2.80 m
  • Keel weight4700/4800/4600 kg
  • Fuel tank capacity440 L
  • Water tank capacity680 L
  • Engine power75 / 110hp
  • Sail area119 m²
  • Mainsail70 m²
  • Genoam²


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