Verado 600HP V12 For Sale 7.6L 30″ Shaft

Verado 600HP V12 For Sale 7.6L 30″ Shaft




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Verado 600HP V12 For Sale 7.6L 30″ Shaft



Verado 600HP V12 For Sale 7.6L 30″ Shaft

Key Features
  • V12 Power and Performance: The outboard segment’s first V12 powerhead delivers superior horsepower and performance in a surprisingly compact footprint. Combined with the steerable gearcase and simple, streamlined rigging, the design allows the engine to mount on 27-inch centers, so boaters can fit as much power as they need on the transom.
  • Automatic Two-Speed Transmission: The two-speed transmission makes easy work of transferring 600hp to the gearcase. It doles out maximum torque and acceleration in first gear then silently shifts to second for efficient cruising and thrilling top speed. No shift clunk. No limitations. Only smooth, impressive power.
  • Independent, Steerable Gearcase: Electro-hydraulic controls allow the steerable gearcase to react instantly to driver commands. With no movement from the engine above water, there are no distractions – only precise maneuverability around docks and smooth, effortless handling in open water.
  • Contra-Rotating Propellers: A new series of dual props were expertly crafted to harness the full potential of 600hp. Designed to run in a contra-rotating configuration, the new propellers power the boat on plane swiftly and efficiently, while delivering exceptional handling and fuel economy at midrange speeds.
  • Exceptionally Smooth & Quiet: A more rugged, more refined next-generation Advanced MidSection (AMS) mounting system cradles the powerhead to isolate noise and vibration, while careful tuning dampens induction sounds and nearly eliminates injection noise. 600hp never sounded so quiet. The V12 Verado outboard establishes new standards for smooth and quiet operation. Even at 600hp, noise and vibration are on par with the V8 300hp Verado outboard – and superior to the competition.
  • Superior Fuel Economy: Calibrated to deliver full performance on 87-octane fuel, the V12 Verado outboard leverages dual propellers, a hydrodynamic design and Advanced Range Optimization (ARO) to maximize fuel economy. In one boat test, dual V12 Verado outboards delivered 20% better fuel economy at cruise than triple competitive 425hp outboards.
  • Refined Power: Industry-leading 7.6 liters of displacement and a performance-inspired quad-cam design generate exceptional torque to make easy work of propelling heavy boats on plane. Because the engine works less, it runs longer, for uncompromising reliability.
Verado 600HP V12 For Sale 7.6L 30″ Shaft – Verado Advantages
  • Legendary Power: The 7.6L V12 powerhead delivers performance you can feel: exceptional torque, faster hole shots and sensational acceleration.
  • Extended Range: Enjoy your time on the water longer with Advanced Range Optimization (ARO) precisely adjusting fuel delivery for the best possible efficiency at cruise.
  • Smoother and Quieter: Every aspect of the engine was tuned to minimize noise and distraction. An innovative cowl design isolates vibration and prevents it from reaching the boat. It’s the quietest high-horsepower outboard on the market.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Not only are Verado outboards designed and built to withstand the rigors of saltwater, but they’re also backed by a three-year corrosion warranty.
Verado 600HP V12 For Sale 7.6L 30″ Shaft – Specifications
  • Displacement: 461 CID
  • Displacement: 7.6L
  • Cylinder Configuration: V12
  • Full throttle RPM: 5600-6400
  • Alternator: 150 amp
  • Starting: Electric Start with SmartStart Protection
  • Steering: Integrated Electro-Hydraulic Power-Steering
  • Shaft length: 30″ (762 mm)
  • Gearcase ratio: 2.50:1
  • Dry weight: Lightest model available: 1260 lbs (572 kg)
  • Trim system: Power trim and tilt


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