Yamaha 15hp Enduro outboard for sale


Yamaha 15hp Enduro outboard for sale long shaft 

  • Type of control: Tiller
  • Grade: with propeller
  • Starter Type: Manual
  • Weight (kg): 38


Yamaha 15hp Enduro outboard for sale

Yamaha 15 hp 2 Stroke Outboard Engine Long Shaft

Engine specifications 2-cylinder. 2-beat
Displacement (cc) 246
Compression ratio 6.8
Power (hp) fifteen
Bore x stroke (mm) 56 x 50
Range max engine speed 4500-5500 rpm
Ignition system Cdi
Purge simultaneous charging
Supply system 1 carb
Fuel tank (l) 24
Max. fuel consumption (l / h) 7.3
Lubrication system premixing
The proportion of the fuel-oil mixture 50: 1
Alternator 6A, 80 W
Starter manual
Control system tiller
Gear shift mechanism Fnr
Gear ratio 2.08 (27/13)
Exhaust system. through the propeller hub (JET system (Reactive))
Propeller gearing splined connection
Transom engine height S 442 mm (17.4 in.)
Dry weight with propeller 36.0 kg
Trim and tilt tame
Cable lanyard to stop the engine. there is
Motor deviation when driving in shallow water there is
Starter lock on reverse there is
Propeller screw there is
Fuel tank (l) 25
Tool kit there is
Emergency start cord there is


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