yamaha 2 stroke rebuild powerhead for sale

Yamaha Complete Outboard Powerhead Will Get You Going · 2stroke versus 4-stroke Yamaha powerheads. Some of the new or rebuilt Yamaha outboard …


V4 2-Stroke Powerheads
115 & 130 V4 1984-1989 YA-P4-02-R
115 & 130 V4 1990-1996 YA-P4-03-R
115 & 130 V4 1997-2006 YA-P4-4-R
V6 2-Stroke Powerheads 2.6L and SMALLER
150 & S150 V6 1996-2006 YA-P6-03-R
150 PRO-V V6 1996-2006 YA-P6-03P-R
150 SX, VX, DX V6 1999-2006 YA-P6-04S-R
LZ150, VZ150, Z150 V6 HPDI 2000-2014 YA-P6-04T-R
VZ175, Z175 V6 VMAX HPDI 2001-2014 YA-P6-07T-R
200, L200, S200 Carb V6 1996-1999 CARB YA-P6-10SL-R
P200 Series V6 1996-1999 YA-P6-10P-R
SX200 V6 EFI 1999-2005 YA-P6-10SX-R
VZ200 V6 VMAX HPDI 2001-2004 YA-P6-10T-R
Z200, LZ200 V6 HPDI 2000-UP YA-P6-10T-R
V6 2-Stroke Powerheads 3.1L and LARGER
These powerheads ship by Ground Freight (Truck)
as they’re too heavy for UPS/FedEx
225, SX225, V225,   VX200, VX225 V6 EFI 0X86, VMAX 1997-2002 YA-P6-16-R
VX200 V6 EFI 0X86 VMAX 2003-2005 YA-P6-16A-R
VZ200 V6 3.3L HPDI VMAX 2005-2008 YA-P6-20A-R
225 HP V6 3.1L 2003-2005 YA-P6-16A-R
VX225 V6 EFI 0X86 VMAX 1997-2002 YA-P6-19-R
250 HP V6 3.1L 1997-2002 YA-P6-19-R
VX225 V6 EFI 0X86 VMAX 2003-2005 YA-P6-19A-R
250 HP V6 3.1L 2003-2005 YA-P6-19A-R
VZ250 V6 3.3L VMAX HPDI 2003-2008 YA-P6-20-R
VZ225, VZ250 V6 3.3L HPDI VMAX 2003-2008 YA-P6-20A-R
Z300, VZ300 VMAX V6 3.3L HPDI 2004-2008 YA-P6-25-R



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