Yamaha 40hp 4 stroke for sale


Yamaha 40hp 4 stroke for sale

Are you looking for a New or Used Yamaha Outboard Motor For Sale

State: Used

Hours on motor: 213

Engine Type 4-Stroke, SOHC In-line 3
Bore x Stroke (mm) 65 x 75
Displacement (cc) 747.0
Recommended Maximum RPM 5500-6000
Fuel Management EFI
Ignition DC-CDI
OEDA Emission Rating 3
Lubrication System Wet-sump
Alternator Output 12V – 17A with Rectifier Regulator
Gear Ratio 2.00 : 1
Starter System Electric
Operation Method Mechanical Control (Optional Tiller Handle Available)
Trim and Tilt Method Power Trim & Tilt
Digital Gauges Optional
Command Link Gauges Optional
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Yamaha 40hp 4 stroke for sale

Are you looking for a New or Used Yamaha Outboard Motor For Sale? … stock Omega Water Marine carries and stocks all models of Yamaha2 and  4stroke outboards and offer great outboards...


  • Responsive power: A single overhead camshaft provides precise valve timing for maximum power with minimum weight. This 6-valve, SOHC design efficiently exchanges intake and exhaust gases for responsive power and fuel efficiency. 
  • Precise throttle control: All air entering the engine block of the F40 is routed through a single throttle valve to ensure the precise amount of air necessary for optimum power and fuel efficiency. The air silencer box reduces intake noise and air turbulence for smooth, quiet operation. 
  •  Fuel efficiency: Three individual compact electronic fuel injectors deliver the exact amount of fuel needed for optimum performance and economy. Controlled by the Engine Control Module via input from an array of on-engine sensors, their location just above the intake valves enhances fuel atomization, resulting in more efficient combustion.


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