The 2014 Mako 18 LTS ($22,500+)

2014 Mako 18 Lts Boats for sale

This boat is a great boat for lounging, trolling, and fishing.

The Rapid Planing System transom with the MAKO hull is a great combination which allows her to be agile on top of the water. She has an aerated forward-console live well, huge storage areas, non-skid casting decks, rod storage, helm coolers which double as seats, and all while drafting only 11’ of water.

This means you can get to the shallowest waters to catch the sneakiest fish.

Final Thoughts:

That being said, it’s important to note that You may find the price a little different. This is why prices are often difficult to find online when you are searching for a specific boat in mind.

Between personal watercraft, secondhand yachts, and the boats on this list, you can find incredible boats in your budget.  You just need to know where to look and to keep your eyes peeled for a good deal.

Make a list of the amenities you want, as well as a list of prices:

  • What are you going to use your boat for? Which amenities do you need for those activities?
  • What is the highest price you will go (including all of the extra fees and taxes)?
  • How much do you have for annual fees? Insurance, slip or rack rental, etc.
  • What is your ideal (realistic) price for the boat itself (including engine and trailer)?

If you want to look into used boats out of here, make sure you set aside a little money for a marine specialist. This person can look at the boat to make sure it is sound and seaworthy. Not to worry, At Omega water marine, our specialists do all the necessary inspections to make sure you get just the best delivered to you even at the comfort of your home.

Often, just the peace of mind is worth the price.

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